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Once again, life has gotten the best of me and my poor neglected web site is the most obvious victim of an overly full plate. But I have been pretty busy photographically as well and will be updating my site over the next several weeks in many new ways. Here are some things to come:

  • More nature photography is on the way. We've been taking to the outdoors again and those images will be making their way here soon.
  • A photo restoration gallery. You didn't know I did that too, did you? I've received permission from several clients to post images the have been digitally restored, so that gallery will be added soon.
  • I've recovered from the shock of moving suburbia. Yes, I finally admitted to myself, there is some very beautiful images that can be captured closer to the big city They not be as majestic and breathtaking as the rugged coastline of Western Washington, but they are worth seeing.
  • People. I do photograph people but being a person respectful of privacy, rarely post images. As I get permission to post, images will go to a gallery dedicated to those.
  • More black and white. Some close friends reminded me BW was all I did in my college years; why didn't I have more of those images on my web site? I didn't have a good answer so that will change too.
  • There's more but I don't want to over promise and under deliver.

As always, I'm open to constructive criticism so feel free to comment on any of the images presented here.


Thanks for stopping by...



2015 Beach 4

July 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Just posted a new set of images in the "2015 Beach 4" gallery and in the site slideshow. All images were taken one afternoon at Beach 4, a very picturesque beach along the Olympic Coast. We were there only for part of a day and didn't have the time to wait for "perfect lighting" but with such incredible natural beauty all around there was still amazing images to be had.



May 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After much ado with selling, buying and moving residences I am finally getting back to photography once more. Stop by in a week or two for a new project.

Week 12 - Interesting Rock Formation Detail - Beach 4

April 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Well after a bit of a hiatus from photography altogether I'm finally getting back at it again. Two weeks away, followed by a pretty intense volunteer project for my son's school, then a house break-in and the loss of two computers, recovering from that, including redoing my son's science fair project (it was on one of the pinched computers), capped off with a spindled leg my last day of skiing.

I was still in a boot to stabilize my ankle when we went to Beach 4, Olympic Peninsula, WA. Still there were plenty of interesting rock formations to photograph; here's one of them. These rocks take the full fury of winter storms rolling in off the Pacific Ocean and have the weathered appearance as a result.

There were many other very interesting things to see at Beach 4 and the other beaches we saw from the road - but my leg was so unsteady all I could do was admire them from a distance. Later this year when my leg is stronger, I will definitely be back to capture more.

Week 11 - Misty Snohomish Morning

February 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The mist had an ethereal quality and only lasted a few minutes before the sunlight burned it off; I was lucky to capture it. I would have liked to see more detail in the mist of the trees in the background but there was none to be had. The capture is fairly accurate to what I could see. When the sun (in the upper left, stilted by trees) cleared the treeline the mist vanished in moments.

Week 10 - Tree Bark Abstract

February 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This was an interesting exercise in isolation and reduction. I liked the tree and bark and had taken many pictures of it in different lighting but was dissatisfied with those early versions. I walked back and forth to this image, as I did with the others, unhappily nudging things. Then on an impulse made it BW.

Only without color did I see what drew me to the image in the first place: the play of light and darkness in the bark. The texture not so much and the background not at all. So instead of trying to work with all the detail (lots of detail in background foliage, branches, even the bark itself) I began eliminating it. Tight cropping brought even more attention to the essentials of the image. I kept eliminating until only the essence of what I saw in the image remained. The original capture is in the "Extras" gallery for anyone interested in seeing what I started with.

I like the final image but I like the way I had to bend my way of thinking to get there even more. I've always been a pre-visual photographer and would never do this much manipulation in a chemical darkroom. And this was pretty extreme; I doubt I will push images this far in the future. But doing so this time has made me think about all the other times I was drawn to the elements of the image more than the image itself and how I might render them better.

Addendum I: Just a heads up that the last two weeks in February will be an extremely busy time for me. I will be capturing images but taking the time to process and post may fall by the wayside. If that happens I will play catchup in March.

Addendum II: A little help please! After just one day of having the BW version on my wall it just started looking too barren. I added back some muted color in a second version and placed it in the Gallery 52. What do you think?

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